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Did you know that you may not own your pension?

It depends on the type of employer pension plan you have.

Sandro Frei interviews Ralph Hahmann, who explains in this short video what Defined Benefit Pensions are, how the entire process works, and how people can recapture their money power.

This is something few employees understand.

This is because employer pensions are complex and can be confusing.

It’s like a whole new language with lots of jargon most of us don’t understand, like the difference between a Defined Benefit plan and a Defined Contribution plan.

It is important that you learn how your employer pension is structured and what it means for you.

Until I went into depth on my own Defined Benefit plan with the Province of B.C., I was unaware I didn’t own my pension. This ticked me right off. I was changing careers and wanted to take my pension with me. This enticed me to write the book, Pension Paradigm.

The purpose of the Pension Paradigm is to educate Canadians about employer pensions.

Many key aspects of employer pensions are covered in the Pension Paradigm including:

  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Maximizing the benefits of your existing employer pension
  • Creating new streams of retirement income,
  • Increasing your net worth
  • Getting as much income and assets into the Tax Freedom Zone as possible

Learn how your employer pension works and how to make it work for you.

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