Life Happens

Make sure that these changes are reflected in your financial plan
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Have you recently experienced any of these changes in your life?


Combining your wealth with your spouse is a huge change that needs to be reflected in your financial plan. Investments and pension plans are major assets, and some require a beneficiary which will likely change once you marry. It is important to clearly communicate who brings what into the marriage.


Raising a child is expensive, from preschool to braces to car insurance and university. Make sure your financial plan factors in these costs.


This difficult emotional time also requires a split of major assets including investments and even pension plans. You need to consider the effects of ongoing support payments on your financial plan.


Life can change on a dime and accidents, debilitating health issues, and the possibility of future care requirements will significantly impact your financial plan.

Debt restructuring

More than ever before is there a need to manage your debt. There is a difference between good debt and bad debt and there are strategies you can use to eliminate bad debt.


Your investments are considered cashed out and taxable (deemed disposition) on the date of your death. Money and property transfer is not available until all taxes are paid.

These life changes may be short term, long term or permanent.


On your yearly review with your advisor, they will ask if any changes have occurred.

It’s crucial that you discuss any of these life changes with your financial advisor as soon as they happen or even before.

I can attest to these life changes as I have personally been through all of them and was even the executor for my Mother’s estate.

I have planned for my own passing to ensure a legacy for my heirs.

Talk to a qualified professional who can lead you through the next steps of your strategic plan.