Your Health is Your Wealth

What good is wealth if you don’t have the health to enjoy it?
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Maintaining good health is the key to anti-aging.

Aging is inevitable.

We don’t like it and we often fight it.

After retiring, slowing down the aging process, or even reversing it, started to be much more important to me.

I suffered from a stroke in 2014 at still relatively young age of 67.

It was my own fault.

I had poor eating habits and didn’t get as much physical activity as I knew I should. 

I had paralysis on the right side of my body and, even worse, I had difficulty thinking clearly.

I had always prided myself on my quick thinking and ability to reason.

The effects of the stroke were physically and emotionally traumatizing.

But I was also very fortunate.

Right away I found a product that could help reverse these devastating effects. I was able to regenerate my damaged cells by a process called “cellular activation”.

This amazing product has been able to clear my brain fog and increase my stamina.

I did do a lot of work in terms of adjusting my diet and exercise, but I could not have reached the level of health I now enjoy without it.

The product that helped me comes from LifeVantage. I believe in this company so much that I became a representative.

LifeVantage has a great product line that is able to help people in so many different areas.

In my opinion, it is a true cellular anti-aging break through. We can’t stop aging, but we can do it gracefully when we are in good health.


LifeVantage uses only natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals, that support the body’s natural functions by providing vital nutrients.

Well Researched

I did my own due diligence in researching this company. When I was first introduced to the product that helped me, there were already 9 peer reviewed studies demonstrating the efficacy of the formula. This number has grown to 26 in just a few short years.

Healthy Lifestyle

These products work best in when combined with physical activity, healthy diet and lifestyle habits.


Seniors especially need to be proactive and in control of their own health.

Health challenges come in many forms.

If you want to improve your health without chemicals, toxic prescriptions or dramatic side effects then you want to find out more about LifeVantage.

Dr. Brian Dixon, PhD Microbiology, discusses Theory of Aging