About Cadillac Wealth Management & Ralph Hahmann

Ralph Hahmann is a CONSULTANT for investors in the financial services industry and the health services industry.

Ralph entered financial services as a licensed representative in 1986, specializing in managed investment products, tax efficiency and succession planning. His focus was with mentors such as Warren Buffett, the late Paul Rockel, and the late John Templeton and others with a track record in the industry.

In 2003 Ralph Hahmann also thought it time to bring out the misunderstanding with Employer Pension Plans. Pension Paradigm, the book, was written by Hugh Carter. Ralph’s role in Pension Paradigm is as advisor to the author. This book was revised and updated in 2008.

Ralph also established CWM Cadillac Wealth Management Inc. in 2005 when he realized education in the financial industry was still lacking and it is everyone’s right to know the facts and then make decisions to enrich their quality of life. This action also created a personal holding company for tax minimization and estate transfer purposes.

Semi retirement gave Ralph the opportunity to expand his vision and due to personal concerns in health and wellness, one topic he found interesting is in the area of anti-aging and he has experienced significant benefits with a product available through Life Vantage Corporation.